Proscenio New Cultural Center: A Stage for the Arts

Proscenio: A Stage for the Arts, is a historical, iconic and inclusive project that will foster one of our country's greatest assets: Talent. This is an innovative and ambitious cultural project, unique in Latin America. We will build it together and it will become patrimony of the country we dream of.

It is also the first Urban Revitalization Partial Plan that has been approved in Bogota: It has been allowed to be 4 to 15 floors high, and with all land uses approved for cultural, commercial, residential, hotel, and business purposes..

The building has been designed by FOSTER & PARTNERS, an English architecture company that will turn it into an architectural icon and an important touristic attraction for the country.

It will also develop a significant social program, which will benefit our people, especially the defenseless ones, and will consolidate culture as the powerful life-changing tool that it already is.


This great cultural complex has everything:

  • Theatre with the capacity to host 1500 people.
  • Studios for set and costume design.
  • Rehearsal classrooms for orchestra and ballet (among others).
  • Open-air stage for non-chargeable shows.
  • Restaurant theatre in floor 15 th with a 360-degree view over Bogota, and the capacity to host 300 people. 
  • Large exhibitions room.
  • School for the Performing Arts with special campuses for children and adults, provided with a library, a video library, a room for auditions, computer rooms, concert halls for 300 people, cafes, and classrooms and rehearsal classrooms with capacity to host 1500 alumni.
  • Hotel with conventions hall.
  • Related-to-art offices and a building of modern lofts.

The complex is conceived to be built around green zones, which will be private and accessible to public. Basement-located Parking lots will be available. Proscenio is located at the northern part of Bogota, between Calles 87 and 86A and Carreras 15 and 13A, an ideal zone for urban revitalization. This place encourages us to live, share, and celebrate life where national culture converges. The project is aimed for everyone: children, adolescents, adults, and elders. To resume, the heart of the city: a project of life, of cityness, of country.


Proscenio was born upon research of cultural models, similar to those existing in the most important capitals of the world like: London, New York, Buenos Aires or Mexico.


  • Consolidation of a new alternative to foster young, Colombian talent
  • New scenes for culture in its varied branches
  • Touristic attraction
  • Urban revitalization
  • Economic revival
  • Mobilization of Carrera 15 th

Social​ ​program​ ​associated​ ​to​ ​Proscenio, which​ ​offers:

  • Subsidies for students, for elders and social stratums 1-2
  • Cultural network to work with victims of violence
  • Execution of cultural programs in scarce-resources neighborhoods – Culture for Everyone
  • Programs for the elders and special kids
  • Activities for your family in a safe space

Address: 103 B street No. 51 - 11 Bogotá D.C. Colombia Phone Number: (+571) 6160388 y (+571) 2189042 Fax: (+571) 6010992

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