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SHE IS COLOMBIA, The Alluring Bondis an innovative show that takes the public into a fantastic journey, paying homage to the diversity of Colombian culture from its origins to our days. It’s conceived from the most symbolic and heart-felt of its music, its dances, its visual arts, and its literature, using the language of Musical Theater, reinvented through theavant-garde audiovisual language of the 21st century.

This unpublished dialogue between tradition and Modernity, allows our richness to transcend from the local to the universal dimension, imprinting on stage a wonderful, magical and diverse Colombia.

A cast composed of 30 actors, dancers and singers leaded by Natalia Bedoya as Aluna-Colombia, and an orchestra of 26 folk and classical musicians, will be in charge of seeding magic on stage.

The most impacting projection special effects and acrobacy, costumes and scenery inspired by the aesthetics of our most characteristic visual artists, and innovative vocal and orchestral arrangements, will take us by the hand over the weaving of the most wondrous country.


Photo flash: in Rehearsals for Ella es Colombia - Broadway World

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