Misi Productions presents a new chamber theatre format with Godspell, a Broadway musical premiered in 1970 that is still a beloved and special play around the world. Music and lyrics by Stephen Scwartz (composer of big hits like Wicked) and scripted by John-Michael Tebelak. Directed by Felipe Salazar with the performances of Juan Mondragón, Felipe Salazar, Karen Ardila, María José Camacho, Santiago Deluchi, Laura Kalop and Daniel Tovar. Musical direction by Leonardo Palacios whom along with 4 music students from El Bosque University will perform as a live band to musicalize the talented crew in this production.

Godspell is inspired in a series of parables extracted from St. Mattew's Gospel going through the teachings of Jesus, adapting the situations to contemporary times, surrounding him with the apostles and disciples that listen carefully and represent them in a humoristic, confident and caring way. The second act represents the betrayal of one of the apostles who delivers Jesus to the authorities to die and resurrect.