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Misi Producciones became known in the country for its major experience and trajectory in the making of musical theatre and the education of “triple threat” artists who dance, sing and act.

  • Our Musical Theatre School has trained more than 25000 alumnae.
  • Our shows have been seen by over one and a half million people, especially our country’s most traditional ones: the Christmas spectacles.
  • We have produced more than 30 new and universal repertoire musical theatre shows, such as the outstanding West Side Story, The Wizard of Oz and Jesus Christ Superstar.
  • We have performed in important worldwide stages: Carnival Center for the Performing Arts (Adrienne Archt today), the Jackie Gleason Theater for the Performing Arts in Miami and Jazz at Lincoln Center's Frederick P. Rose Hall in New York.
  • We have represented Colombia in different worldwide festivals performing in Germany, Spain, France, United States, and Venezuela, to list some


To become a cultural and creative developing platform, focused on building up Musical Theatre in Colombia by:

  • Educating new audiences
  • Cultivating upright integral artists
  • Producing shows
  • Making competitive projects that will create new work markets for national and international talent.

By 2020 we will become the creative and artistic center of Colombia by the completion of the most significant architectural and cultural building in Latin America: the leading school of Performing Arts in Colombia and the Region, and one of the most important original and world-known Musical Theatre productions companies in the Spanish speaking countries.

MISI PRODUCCIONES – Musical Theatre to make Colombia happier

Address: 103 B street No. 51 - 11 Bogotá D.C. Colombia Phone Number: (+571) 6160388 y (+571) 2189042 Fax: (+571) 6010992

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